interesting places to take your date

Scouting out the perfect location to take your next date may not be the simplest of prospects. There are all kinds of places you can take a date. Some are more common than others. Keep these great locations in mind and you’ll have a much better time impressing your next date.
1) Dinner theatre. This is not like going to a movie. It’s an event. Most people dress up (to some degree) for an evening like this and really enjoy the event. It’s something that isn’t as common as dinner and a movie so it’s possible your date has never enjoyed this pleasure. This can be a great date to enjoy at any stage of the relationship so keep it in mind for important first dates or various romantic milestones in your relationships.
2) Dancing. Whether you’re taking your date out for a night of dancing on the town or giving the gift of couples dance lessons for the evening you can dance your way into the heart of that special someone. This is especially true if the special person in question has a strong interest in learning to dance.
3) Bowling. Who would’ve thought that throwing balls down a narrow lane and trying on funny looking shoes could be so much fun? Seriously. It’s a great way to enjoy a date for many reasons. First, you can be a little competitive. Second, you can actually talk (unlike when you go to the movies). Third, it’s a relatively inexpensive way to enjoy the evening especially if you take advantage of unlimited bowling passes or two for one specials that many bowling alleys offer.
4) Amusement parks. Rides are a great way to get the blood pumping and excitement flowing for any date. Whether this is a first date or you’ve been dating for a while you stand to have a lot of fun at an amusement park. In addition to fabulous rides there are often great shows to enjoy throughout the day and evening for a little added pleasure and a break from the adrenalin rush.
5) Poetry reading. If you want to take things on a more cerebral level try taking your date to a poetry reading. If this is something you’re both “into” it will make for a great date. Many coffee shops, bookstores, and libraries offer them on a first come first served basis. Take advantage of them and enjoy a great night together.